Perkins Engine Parts for Applications

Equipment Model Engine Serial Number Build Number
General Genset CM50184
General Industrial To ESN U106654N LJ70128
General Industrial From ESN U106655N LJ70128
General Industrial TW33425
General Industrial To ESN U589378L JE33174
General Industrial From ESN U589379L JE33174
Genset (RG51247)
Genset To ESN U106654N LJ70130
Genset To ESN U106654N LJ70151
Genset From ESN U106655N LJ70130
Genset From ESN U106655N LJ70151
Genset RE51215
Power Units To ESN 557976X YB30127
Power Units To ESN 557976X YB30650
Power Units From ESN 557977X YB30127